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Have you ever wondered what music would look like if it had color? What about if it had shapes? Movement maybe? Well, you're in luck!

I'm Amber, and I'm here to answer all those questions by bringing you into my world to experience a truly unique connection between music and color.

I am a self-taught artist with a sixth sense called synesthesia; so I paint how songs look to me. Pretty cool, right? Synesthesia exists in only about 2-4% of the entire population!  

Each song is a unique experience. With each song, the color and the movement is continually changing, like a movie; 

I try to capture the song's essence into a single frame. 

I thought that letters and numbers having color, time having space and color, and music having color was a regular occurrence for everyone. I was confused when someone couldn't see the delicious pink during the chorus of a song, or why their Thursday wasn't brown. So, I explored trying to show people how music looked to me and found another way to connect with people through my two loves: music and art.



I painted my very first painting ("A Walk"- Tycho) in 2017. Since then I have painted over 50 pieces, with something in almost every genre. My current project is "Heat Waves" by Glass Animals. I can't wait to see which song is next! 

 I listen to just about everything. I know everyone says that, but even songs I might not like as much for the audio part, there is always a visual appeal. Interested to see what I'm listening to today? Check out this Spotify link of my current listens!  

 Want to listen to all of the songs I've painted? There is a Spotify link for that too!






This painting is "Dreams" by The Cranberries.