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Have you ever wondered what music would look like if it had color? Or shapes? Or movement? Well, you're in luck!

I'm Amber, and I'm here to answer all those questions by bringing you into my world to experience a truly unique connection between music and color.

I am a self taught artist with a sixth sense called synesthesia; so I paint how songs look to me. Pretty cool, right? I've painted something in almost every genre, and some of my top favorite artists I have painted are Muse, MGMT,

and U2. 

Each song is a unique experience. With every song, it's like watching a movie that's the duration of that song, and I try to capture the essence of the song into a single frame. 

I thought letters and numbers having color, time having space and color, and music having color was a normal occurrence for everyone, and I was confused when someone couldn't see the delicious pink during the bridge of a song, or why their Thursday wasn't brown. 

I painted my very first painting ("A Walk"- Tycho) in 2017. Since then I have painted over 50 pieces, and I can't wait to see which song is next. 




I am so thrilled for you to be here to share this music connection with me! I grew up thinking synesthesia was a normal experience for everyone, and didn't understand when people couldn't see the colors I saw. I quickly learned I had a sixth sense and started to explore ways to share my ability with others.

I painted my first song in 2017 ("A Walk" by Tycho). Friends and family starting showing interest in my gift, and so I star

My Mission 

I am here to create mean

This has always been a typical experience for me, and I assumed it was normal for everyone else, too. However, I quickly learned it was more of a sixth sense and discovered that there is a name for it, and there are others like me. So, I explored trying to show people how music looked to me and found another way to connect with people through my two loves: music and art.

One easy way to describe my experience is that when I listen to a song, it's like watching a movie the length of that song; things are continually flowing and changing. It can be difficult to fully capture the entire synesthetic experience through one "frame," especially since I have no painting experience. However, as a self-taught artist, I have attempted to produce what I see when I listen to songs through my paintings. These paintings all hold a piece of my heart, and I am so happy to share them with you.

Here is a link to the playlist of songs I have painted.